GSQA Show and Quilt Winners!

The Gulf States Quilt Association, which covers Louisiana, Missippi, Alabama, and Florida, had its biennial show last weekend. What a fun experience! I decided to drive down to Slidell on Wednesday and spend the afternoon helping out. Since my friend Lori was kind enough to offer a hotel room for the night, I was prepared to stay and help hang quilts on Thursday, also. What a great way to meet like-minded people and get some exercise in, too.

Know what feels even better? Winning two ribbons! Sure, they were just honorable mention awards, but they are the first that I’ve won in a large show.

I have lots of photos of the quilts, but they need processing, so it will be a day or two. Meanwhile, here are a couple from friends from BRMQG.

My friend, Yvonne, won first place and Judge’s Choice! She was still smiling when I spoke to her on Saturday.
Glen’s quilt won third place. Glen and Yvonne are always at the retreats in Baton Rouge and are a hoot. They seem to be up to some quilting antics more than all of the other quilters I know.

I stayed at the convention center to help take the quilts down. Well, my job was to help get the quilts organized and hand them out. Even that requires lots of lifting and walking. But it was fun!

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