Is Blogging a Thing Anymore?

I’ve considered taking some time off from blogging. It’s a time-consuming, though worthy, endeavor, but it must always be somewhere close to the surface of my thoughts. Otherwise, I’d never have pictures or ideas for posts. This cutie is off to preK-4, in her new uniform that her DeeDee altered a couple of weeks ago.

Though I didn’t announce it, I decided to drop most of the Pinterest posts. I’ll try to continue with one per week, but it could be either Sunday Quilt Inspiration or Pin It Weekly. (Here’s PIW #300 from Fleur de Lis Quilts.) I really enjoy both but, since AT&T started working on the phone/wifi/whatever lines in our area, opening my laptop is a chore.

We barely have service at all, and waiting for a page to load reminds me of the first years of dial-up internet. Seriously, I generally open something on the computer but not online, to work on while I wait. And wait.

One of the ways that Richard keeps Ryder entertained is to draw with sidewalk chalk.

One of those things is a book I am helping Father Shoury with. Another time-consuming endeavor, but one I am enjoying and learning from. I visit him on Wednesdays and we discuss his ideas, I take notes, and then I return home and try to write his ideas (in my own words) from those notes. It seems upsidedown, but he really believes he can’t write “American.” That’s where my writing skills come in. He’s convinced I’m the one for the job, and Father is a fiesty little guy. Do not think I have the ability to change his mind? Absolutely not. I know. I’ve tried.

Otherwise, Ryder comes three days a week, so my days are filled with baby-sitting and fighting the lingering effects of Covid. Fighting Covid is mostly trying to make myself want to do something. My doctor increased my bipolar meds in an attempt to ward off depression. Thus far it’s helping but very little. I keep reminding myself that “this too shall pass.” Do you have any words of wisdom to encourage me?

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