So Many Apologies, Sort Of…

Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the U.S. If you are a mother, I hope you had a wonderful, celebratory day with your children. My day was definitely celebratory. We saw all the Marcotte mothers–Rich’s mom, the three daughters-in-law, and the granddaughter. We also spent most of the day with our three boys and all the grands. In other words, a house full!

mom tumblers for my Griffins booth.

So why “apologies” in the title? Well, I just didn’t have the time or energy to post a Sunday Quilt Inspiration. I’m sorry for that. In fact, last week was somehow extremely busy. Though I can’t quite tell you why. It just sort of slipped by.

I did steal a day or so to make this little art quilt. Making it was absolute fun. The tree and cypress knees are built of the same brown fabric. But those other elements? A million little, tiny pieces of fabric. Each suare smaller than 1/4 inch. I really like this technique and the outcome, so I may use it again. We’ll see. It is only 9″ X 12″ and will hang in a Baton Rouge show, titled Louisiana Stories. This work is based on the cover of my book. Well, the book is an influcence anyway.

Do you see how it influenced the art piece? Right now, it seems the book is influencing everything about me. If only it sold itself. Right? I did not take into consideration how much work selling a book would be. Maybe that’s the kind of business research I should have done beforehand. Comme de fait, (Cajun French meaning loosely “as a matter of fact”) in my usual way, I didn’t think it would be a thing, much less a big thing. Is this not a typical Mary thing? I am laughing as I write it, because the answer can almost be a fact it’s so true.

2 thoughts on “So Many Apologies, Sort Of…”

  1. I don’t think you need to apologise at all. It sounds like you spend Mother’s Day dong just the right things. I think even well-established authors have to spend a lot of time doing the rounds to sell their books, so you are in good company at least.

    1. Kaja, Mother’s Day was lovely! I enjoy my family more than I can express. Sure, at the end of the day I’m exhausted, but even the cleanup after they all leave is satisfying. As for the book selling, let’s just say the learning curve is much steeper than I anticipated. Or maybe I thought it would be more fun. I don’t know. I’m figuring it out a little at a time.

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