Pin It Weekly #360 Happy Dr. Seuss Day

I’m not sure when Dr. Seuss Day actually is, but Meme’s school is celebrating tomorrow. Of course, Dusti enlisted me to make a Sneetch costume. I did not even know there’s a book! Happily, Dusti is current on Dr. Seuss and picked up everything we needed.

A yellow shirt and yellow pants and yellow shoes. Do you see a theme here? I had only to add a green star and a green hair bow. Done and done.

And just like that (finger snap, please) Meme is ready for Dr. Seuss Day. I won’t see her for several days, so I didn’t get a picture of my sweetiepie in her costume. We’ll have to be happy with these photos of my handiwork.

And to celebrate Dr. Seuss here are a few more pins from my “Dr. Seuss” board. Oh, I loved reading these books to my children when they were little. Naturally, the silly rhymns were right up my English alley.

And, because PIW always ends with pins of quilts, here are a few Dr. Seuss themed quilts to inspire you.

Here’s a link to Pin It Weekly #359. Hope you enjoy!

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