Blogging? No… Sewing? Yes!

Though I’ve been struggling with blogging (mentioned in my last post), I have found myself in the studio again. What a pleasure! Mostly I’ve been working on small projects, but hey, working on any project is marching forward.

One of those projects is this little collection of hair scrunchies. They are fast and easy and the girls love them. Each of the four school-age grandies gets a navy scrunchie, because navy works with all of those uniforms I altered a few weeks ago. The two plaids are for Meme (Amelia) because I used cutoffs from one of those altering sessions, so perfect match there. And the two polka dots are the beginning of some that I’ll make so the girls have some choices to pick from.

My sisters came for a visit two weeks ago, and Laura asked me to make her another chemo bag. She puts everything she needs into one bag: pressure cuff, wallet, snacks, water, Blistex, etc. She had a few specific needs: lightweight so she could carry it when she is barely able to carry herself, straps long enough to toss the bag over her shoulder, this exact shape and size (I measured every section), and sturdy enough to carry a 2-3 bottles of water.

A tall order, but I think I met the challenge. I chose this very yellow polka dot canvas to help brighten what must be a pretty depressing day. I also chose to make this cute little Blistex holder so it’s easy to access it. Laura has a Blistex addiction. A serious Blistex addiction, so I took advantage.

I’m down to using my phone hotspot to connect to the internet, and Ida is currently inundating the coast. It may be a while before I’m able to say hello again.

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