Final Touches on the New Sewing Studio

I think it’s done! The new studio, I mean. Last time I wrote about our work, we were close. This week we thought we were there, but as soon as Richard saw the ironing station, he decided to add wiring to the end of the worktable so the iron can plug in right there. Now he’s determined that the lighting needs upgrading. He’s such a good guy. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I am certainly glad God brought us together.

Cabinets for patterns, notions, projects that are always in motion, and shelves for my vintage notions.

So the studio… I LOVE it! How could I not? It’s a dream studio.

The pegboard that I covered in old pattern tissue.

One of my favorite ideas is the way we tiled the floor. To save money, we used tile (it happened to be the perfect gray) that a most kind friend gave us. It was almost enough, but not quite. So I had the idea to do this with the thresholds. First we laid the tile, leaving the thresholds untiled. Then we went back and “tiled” with broken pieces of the cut-offs, tile samples from Adam’s now-closed business, and these rocks.

They are special rocks because they are the ones Richard picked up while we were vacationing in the Great Lakes region for two summers. I joked about his rocks, but he made a point of getting some from every lakeshore we visited. Pockets full, he’d come back and sheepishly stow away his rocks in the camper. When we returned home, I put them in boxes, taped them closed, and labeled them. Now they are a beautiful memory of two of our favorite trips.

Something else to love is my new worktable. It’s quite a bit smaller than the old one, but there’s less floor space. Real estate is gold in a space this size! But, I don’t need such a large top since I don’t pin paste quilts any more. Two sides of the table have four huge drawers. They are meant to hold large pieces of fabric, or as in the case of this open drawer, all of the fabric for one type of sewing. It has all the “fancy” white fabrics that I use when making baptismal gowns, First Communion veils and dresses, and even wedding dresses. Everything is white and none of it would go into a quilt, so it gets a drawer all its own. Another drawer holds garment fabric. One has stocking fleece, and so on.

Once I’m finished moving everything in, I plan to hang labels on the drawer pulls. Ones with large, bold letters! I’m already playing in my new studio. Just a little. When I need a break from moving in.

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