What’s A Little Work? Learning So Much More Technology

If you know me, you know that I’m cheap, let’s say frugal. Yeah, frugal. To the point of putting in extra work to save money. Even in technology. The problem with finding ways to save money in technology means that things happen in the background. Those places you don’t know exist. I don’t mean the DarkWeb (that’s such a scary word), I mean you sometimes have to find the inner sanctum of a site to figure out what happened.
I changed web hosts. Nothing difficult, you know? I figured out the first one, surely I could do the same for the second. Except, I had to MOVE all the stuff. So I pretended the site was a house. I packed it all up and off we went.
It just so happens that you can’t just pack up a domain name–in my case, marymarcotte.com–and go. There are legal things that have to happen. And technical things. And you have to “talk” to someone who can do whatever techs do.

It was a mess. My little Mary world.

Like moving a house. There’s lots to pack up. Boxes get mixed up, or lost. Things end up scrambled and confusing in my Mary brain.
It took a couple of weeks. All was well in virtual Mary land, then suddenly nothing was right. In the middle of all this, I let my domain expire! What? I didn’t even know that it got left behind in the move! I had to stop moving because I no longer had the virtual keys to either virtual place. Don’t pay that $19.99 and see what happens!
Anyway, after a long time reading (so much technology stuff and almost as much legal stuff), and a long time trying to follow tech directions, a long time clicking (deleting, adding, changing), and a long time waiting for the tech to catch up…
Plus, I made mistakes and had to start over. A couple of times. It took four attempts–chats, reading, clicking, waiting. On the brink of tears, I was about to give up, completely. This post would have been my last. The tech must have fell my pain (some are human) and walked me through the very simple process. Thank God for humans.
And here we are! Back online! I think, anyway. I’m pretty sure.

Just to be sure, give a girl a hand, please–if you can read this post, leave a message, Then I’ll know (for certain) that marymarcotte.com is alive and well.

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