A Painting in Baton Rouge and One in Texas

Those are magnolia painting sales. I decided put my magnolia painting at the Bluebonnet Swamp Spectactular (exhibit) in Baton Rouge. I entered a cotton painting last year, which sold. This exhibit features “work from local artists in the fields of Fabric Arts, Fine Arts and Photography – focusing on the theme ‘Impressions of Louisiana Nature’.” I had one magnolia painting and decided to enter it.

Loaded and some quilting happening. I had just decided that I did not like the watercolor on the lower left.

I also did something I rarely do: posted a photo of the painting on Facebook. I did that to say that it would hang in the BR show. What a surprise when someone contacted me through Facebook and said she wanted the painting. What?

Wait! I can’t sell the painting. It’s in a show, I explained. I also explained that she had two options purchase the painting after the show begins or I could make another. (Why not?)

ghost leaves in the background

She decided it didn’t matter. She wanted one of my magnolia paintings. I decided that I’d make another. And it’s a good thing because the one in the show sold on opening night. I can’t believe it. Really. That easily?

A large ghost leaf next to a large green leaf tucked behind the petals.

So I took care of the magnolia at the Swamp, and began another. Thinking I’d replicated the first one, I began sewing the canvas background. After it was finished, I had a strange feeling. Looking back at pictures of the first, I realized that this one was too dark. Grrr! It was an easy fix but took some time. But, I have quite a lot of green scrap fabric.

Gesso is dry; beginning to outline the petals

The next part would be

easy, because I have a magnolia pattern. I was smart to make it and to put it in my pattern binder. (I have one that has all the patterns I’ve made.) I spent most of a day looking for it. I asked Richard to help. He’s “the finder of all things.” But not my binders. (There are a few with purchased patterns, quilting designs, etc.) Nope. Not one binder did we find.

A little more shadowing

“The finder of all things” is still looking. I simply made a new pattern. The painting is finished, though it remains on the long-arm, waiting for me to release it. I want to be sure it’s fully dry, or cured. I’ll be shipping this one: something that makes me quite nervous.

The blush pink highlight is in. I added pink twice. I wanted the blush to be light but there. If you get close to the painting, you’ll can see it. It washed out in the light in these pictures.

My biggest fear is that I’ll put on too much color and not be able to take it off. Repainting doesn’t always work. Oils tend to pick up the oil below and in no time, everything is muddy. Never the look I want. Plus, I added a hint of blush pink to highlight the areas that are foreground. Muddy colors quickly make the hightlights also look muddy. It’s a tricky play.

Almost ready to come off the long-arm and frame.
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