Baby, It’s Cold Outside. How Do Animals Do This?

If you’re wondering what animals I’m referring to in the title, it’s all of them. My own sweet grands included. We visited the Alexandria Zoo to see their Christmas lights. Naturally it was dark but it was also cold. Breezy cold. I had a hat, gloves, coat, and boots. And I shivered.

Hats, gloves, coats, boots. Yes, it’s going to be cold.

I suppose if I were honest, it wasn’t quite that bad. The kids were fine, but they also move faster and more than I do. Most of the furry animals were sleeping. It was nighttime, after all. The owls did’t like the disturbance so much. The kids were appreciating the quiet couple when suddenly one flapped its wings and all six kids jumped off the bench.

Meme didn’t fair so well as she landed rather hard, but she recovered well. The surprise gave everyone a good laugh. Also, the grownups didn’t have to remind the kiddos to be careful, quiet, slow down, walk, etc. quite as often.

Playing by the Les Whitt statue. Les was a leader in zoology and raised funds for the Alexandria Zoo.

It was rather kind of the owl to help out a bit, even though our party had more adults than kids. We walked around the park twice and cut through the center pavilion several times.

Everyone take a picture with Santa!

Once the crowd dwindled, we joined the Santa line. The little ones loved it. Since there were so few people, the kids got to take photos in family groups and all together. Santa was a good sport.

Pappy and Meme racing down the slide.

A jaunt through the playground to burn the last of the big and small kids’ energy and we were ready for goodbyes. I recommend you .

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