Begining Again and Again

Yes, I started two quilts on the same day. There’s a story, of course.
Do you see that error? I didn’t until I took this picture.
Remember that I worked at St. Mary’s last year? Well, that sweet little job cost my time going to the Cotton Quilters’ meetings. Every one. C’est la vie. Not going, however, meant that I fell behind the monthy block challenge. Now, they started in January. I didn’t go until June, so yeah, six months, six blocks. Is this quilt possible when I’m this far behind?
Rip, rip, rip…. much better.
These are those cut-perfect-squares, and make-perfect-points, oh and of course, 1/16-inch-makes-a-difference-in-the-end kind of blocks. I was about in a tizzy, which is Southern for “overwhelmed and stressed.” But, I survived three days of making guild blocks. The good news? I was smart and used these fabrics that Ingrid bought for me at Stitched in Faith.
I’m adding a few solids from my stash because I don’t want the quilt to look too old fashioned. The blocks are coming along. I have three. The goal is to complete at least one more before the next meeting. But since I’m going on retreat this week and have no plans to take this project with me, I’m guessing that there won’t be another block until after Monday.
The next day, I jumped on the ironing board and started pressing whites and neutrals. I have two tubs of white/neutral fabrics and decided that I have to do something with those.
While pressing, I decided to work on an idea of trees and forests that’s been hanging around in my brain for a while. Of course, I began making a few blocks. I had to play with those trees. For quite a while, when I used a green fabric, I’d cut 2 1/2″ strips, so there was a convenient roll waiting to become trees.
The darkest strips worked best for these trees, but already I’m adding some lighter colors. The background will be the improv whites and neutrals that I’ve also begun working on. I’d like a few things ready to put together when I get to retreat so that I can finish this one and work on other projects as well.
Which is your favorite?

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