Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Teal or Turquoise

Do you struggle to keep teal and turquoise in line? I know I do. I tend to get the names mixed up, but it doesn’t help at all that either can be dark or light. And then there’s aqua.

ombre teals
deep teal

Both have blue and green pigments, but teal is blue-green (blue mixed into a green base) and turquoise is greenish-blue (meaning green mixed into a blue base).

light turquoise
deep turquoise

And aqua is a watery version of teal. (I think.)

All this confusion to say I’ve started a new project in the aqua/teal/turquoise family of blue and green. Since I struggle to differentiate them, I decided to mix them up! Isn’t that the artistic way to handle it?

More on my new project later. In case you missed it, last Sunday’s SQI is here, and my “heart, quilts” Pinterest board is here.

Here’s hoping you had a blessed Easter Sunday and that the gifts of the Risen Lord continue in your life.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Teal or Turquoise”

    1. I wish you much better luck than I’ve had. I can’t seem to keep similar names from getting muddled in my head. Once I’ve mixed up two people, I will forever doubt myself, and inevitably get them wrong. But I agree that the colors are fabulous. I think perhaps it’s the calming effect they have.

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