Middle School Mayhem

Really, teaching middle school is not as bad as all that. Mayhem may be a bit strong, but it is exhausting work! My classroom looks better, anyway. I have added a few small items to the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Not the look I’d like, but the kids appreciate it, so….

And I’ve organized things a bit. The yellow poster is a way of charting their I-Ready work.

The folders are our make up system. If someone misses a test, handout, assignment, whatever, you’ll find it here in the folder with your grade on it. If someone misses a test, he/she takes it when on the return date and put it in the return folders (in green).

And finally, there’s a small white board on the wall that is bolted on. I’ve tried taking it off but that’s not happening. Therefore, it has to serve a purpose. (Can’t have things just to have the things.) That purpose has become my “permanent announcement” board. Using removable letters (so not really permanent), I can post things that the kids need to be able to check on. Ask when’s the vocab test. Look at the board. Ask what a 94 is. Board.

And now we’re off to take a two-week fall break, so hopefully, I’ll be able to write a few more posts and catch up with some of my few sewing/quilting projects.

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