Pin It Weekly #348 The Newest Followers

Hello to our three newest Pinterest followers!

Let’s start with Lubna Zeshan, who has some interesting ideas. Here a few that I like and pinned.

Next is Pat Vaughn who has a board titled “Quilt–small things” that really intrigued me. Some of these are now on my boards, of course.

And lastly, Gwen McAllily Buckley has a sewing crafts board that has lots of info on making slippers. But there are other things, as well, and I liked the birds.

Finally, on a personal note, last week I told you about the alligator in our pond. Well, he left and returned. I think he may have made a home for himself, so now I’m nagging Richard about doing something to relocate him. I refer to it as him, but that’s because I definitely don’t want it to be a her. Female alligators are very protective of their nests and the little ones. I absolutely do not want a six-foot, mad momma gator anywhere nearby. Wish me luck rehoming this gator.

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