More on the new sewing studio

The last time I wrote about the new studio, I had just begun moving in. (Actually I started moving in before everything was built and painted. Why wait, right?) We reused several pieces, built new cabinets and cubbies, and started building a worktable. Come take a tour of what we have so far.

Remember this piece from the old place? A new coat of paint means we can reuse it. So now it has a new home but is right across from the longarm.

The old card catalog and new thread cabinet are now together and hold all the thread I own. It turns out that a card catalog is the perfect size cabinet for cones of thread. They fit perfectly side by side.

In the new studio the longarm is in place in front of the bookcases, waiting for me to load the Sugaridoo quilt. I have a few things to do first, like finish the sides I want to add on to make it king size. Plus the machines are not in the new space, so there’s nothing to sew on quite yet. That may be a setback.

The cabinets are all built. Richard and Adam really did a fantastic job with these. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have these guys! They are knowledgable about many things, but building and wood-working are their talents.

The cubbies are complete. As you can see, I’ve moved in! This is perhaps one of my favorite things. I have arranged everything in my version of rainbow: white/neutrals, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, brown, and black. The original idea for the cubbies came from this pin.

The old pegboard lined with thread cones.
The new pegboard

Richard hung the old pegboard and I dressed it up a little with paper mache’ using some old patterns. These patterns are 1980s old and had quite a few missing pieces, so no guilt about using them.

Finally, this is the beginning of my worktable. Richard has his own plans for it. I am just accepting that his ideas will work. I described to him what I’d like. I’m sure he’s got a good plan. Anyway, I’m just trusting him. I am a little overwhelmed just moving stuff. There’s a lot of stuff. A big lot of stuff. Have you tried to pack up your sewing room? I’ll bet there are things in there that you’ve forgotten about. Know why I’m willing to bet? Because I’m a typical quilter with varied interests and have discovered many things that I forgot I have!

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  1. Oh Mary, I love it! All that storage! And the gray/white looks so clean. I want a play date. Too bad we live five states apart.

    1. Yes, it is too bad. I’d love to have you over. Thanks for the compliments. I’m excited to get completely moved in.

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