150 Years of a Tiny Town

Evergreen, Louisiana, recently celebrated it’s 150 birthday! It’s a small town of about 300 people, so the celebration was small, but we enjoyed the parade, the park games, and the craft booths.

There were a few other vehicles in the parade, but I assume that you’ve seen fire trucks and first responder vehicles. So we’ll forgo those photos.

Richard loves antique cars and trucks, so I shot quite a few of those. (Even though they were moving the entire time. Albeit slowly, moving is still moving and so a challenge for my photography skills.)

Any of the town citizens were welcome to create a “float” or be a part of the parade. We decided that since we would have the grandies, we’d be bystanders. The kids do love catching throws and candy.

I thought I’d gotten shots of some of the other activities: craft booths, face painting, speeches, etc. But apparently I did not. It was a beautifully sunny day, which means that it was miserably hot by 10. Eleven for most people, but what can I say? I get hot really easily and really quickly. So I’m done and gone before eleven.

Lastly, I worked on a new customer quilt at about the same time. She’s a repeat customer and has been thrilled with my easy stippling, which is all she wants. Stippling means a quick buck and fast turnaround. I’m down for that!

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