Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Full of Hot Air … Balloons

A hot air balloon struck an electrical wire and went down earlier in the week. How unfortunate that the four passengers were having a fabulous time one second and the next second found themselves free-falling with no hope of survival. I simply don’t know what to think.

However, no one needs to worry about me. Sure, I’m facinated by the beauty of hot air balloons. From the ground.

Firstly, I am terrified of heights. So there’s that. I get weak-kneed just seeing someone else in danger of falling. And that person can be on the television. I do not need to be there in person. No, I DON’T want to be there in person. In fact, I still get sweaty hands reading “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets.” Oh, I recommend it. Be forewarned, however, the suspense is terrifying.

Regardless, for all that I love hot air balloons, I never wanted to ride in one. Years ago, Richard and I went to a balloon race that began on the levee outside of Baton Rouge. People could go early, pay about 100 dollars, and get a 30 minute ride. We watched from the truck as they took off. You see, I was barely able to watch as people leaned over the baskets, waving goodbye.

Secondly, hmm, maybe there is no second. Heights. The thought of heights stops me cold.

Love hot air balloons? You can find over 200 stunning photos of balloons by going to Paula Baker’s Pinterest board here. However, it’s time for quilts and other fiber art…

Also, I like these blocks below and thought you might like it, since it would be easy to modify or turn into a paper piecing pattern.

Finally, Last Sunday’s polka dots were pretty popular. You can find it here.

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