Back to School Uniform Alterations–How Many Grands Do We Have?

We have four grandies who are still in school. Two begin middle-school, one is a fifth grader, and one begins Pre-K 4. Kiddos starting school can mean only one thing: uniforms. Lots of uniforms. (So, lots of time in the studio 🙂 All needing some sort of alterting or fixing or repairing. The moms all work, so every child needs three complete uniforms. This way there’s only one load of school laundry to wash in the middle of the week and another on the weekend. If all goes as planned, every day the kids wake up to a clean uniform.

Thanks, these uniform shorts are perfect!

Marley started out first, so I hemmed shorts for her. Easy enough. She’s been in school for a couple of weeks now, which means I had a few days between requests.

“Uh, I am not putting this uniform thing back on again.”

Last week Milly’s little skirts came in and she needed lots of hemming work. It’s been six years since I altered jumpers for Marley. These jumpers fit Milly’s tummy, but also touched her ankles. I wanted to be able to recoup some of that length, just in case she has a growth spurt. Kids can’t be trusted to stay in a particular size, after all. So while I cut some off the bottom, I also made a huge hem.

Two sisters means twice the uniform skirts. But they are perfectly happy with the improvements.

The last two, Caki and Sophie, begin a week from now, so I still have a little time, but I like to mark things off my to do list. That said, I pushed myself to finish the project on Saturday and the uniforms went home Sunday. Uniforms marked off the list. Grandies ready for school. Happy moms. It was a productive week in the new studio.

All done is such a good feeling.

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