Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Sewing-themed cakes

Last week’s SQI was about how we use numbers in quilting. Well, I needed to do something a little less mathy. So I went looking for a diversion from my busy afternoon of doing nothing. It happens that many people celebrate life’s milestones with sewing-themed cakes.

On this Pinterest board I’ve pinned, oh, 80! Now understand, when I say sewing, I really mean needle arts in general, because I included lots of knitting cakes and even a quilt cake or two. Let’s start with a couple of obvious ones: tiny machines made of cake, candy or fondant.

And here are a few with dress forms …

And finally, notions and knitting…

Wouldn’t you love the surprise of any of these sewing-themed cakes for a special occasion? Hmm, I’d like to make one. Maybe.

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