Class, Flowers, and Friends, Oh My!

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I’ve been a little busy lately. I took a class along with about 40 other quilters via Zoom. Laura Strickland is an East Moline, IL, quilter known for her retreats, classes, and online store. The class is called “Panel Panache” and it has an accompanying workshop in which Laura will assist you in working out your individiual quilt top using your favorite panel. I learned a few things about using panels in unconventional ways rather than just as the center of a quilt. I can’t see myself jumping on the panel train, however. It looks intriguing, but for some reason it doesn’t appeal to me. That said, I do have a panel or two languishing in the stash. Maybe I should drag them out and do something with them before I forget the things I learned! That would be so me!

indigo flowers
pink Knockout roses, despite the last week’s deluge
pic of last year’s blue salvia from Reese

I’m also keeping busy in the yard. I’ve planted a few flowers and weeded a few weeds, and even stole some plants from someone else’s yard. (It was my sister’s yard, and I had permission, and I had orders to get enough for yet another sister.) Her blue salvia are out of control, so the rest of us want invasive salvia so we can beg people to come take some. I know, it’s how we roll. Sisters forever, I guess.

me, Belinda, and Glenda

And lastly two friends from the Baton Rouge MQG came for a visit. The “excuse” is that we are all part of a guild round robin and needed to exchange blocks. I jumped in with them and we rolled to Griffin’s so they could see my booth and have lunch at the 50s style counter. That was lots of fun.

Belinda purchased one of my cotton painting for a friend who lives in Lake Charles! Thanks, Belinda!

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    1. I understand. My issue is the cost. I teach classes, so I also try to keep up with trends. However, it can get expensive, so I budget only a few. Luckily, this one was free because three local guilds paid for it collectively. I’m in one. It was nice to see people that I know but don’t meet regularly.
      Maybe you could figure out something like that for guilds and people in your area or online friends. It’s worth a try anyway. About how many hours difference are there between us?

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