Sunday Quilt Inspiration and Thanks, Jenclair!

Jenclair Mullens is a blogger who reviews books on her blog A Garden Carried in the Pocket. She reviewed my novel This World So Fierce earlier this month and I thought I’d share that with you. You should check out her blog because she is a prolific reader and reviewer and has an eclectic taste in books and about everything else. Really I can’t rave enough. Because I have books on my mind, now, I thought I should show you some book/bookshelf related quilts.

Now on to Sunday Quilt Inspiration, which is running especially late for various reasons, but mostly because I got sucked into Match Master, an online game that I finally had to turn off AND uninstall if I’m going to have a life. Kind of like Mahjong, but easier, It’s fun mostly because I tend to run out of time with only a few matches left and it kills me to stop when I’m so close. Goodbye afternoon. See ya tommorrow. Maybe.

Thanks for visiting everyone!

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