Pin It Weekly #345 ~~ followers with common themes

Last week’s PIW was about loyal followers. Let’s stick with followers and take a look at the quilts a few followers are pinning. Jacqueline Giambalvo has a board with these quilts that share a common theme. I had not seen quilts with paddles before, but I can understand that they might be popular with many water sports enthuasists. Imagine one of these draped over a sofa at a lake house. They are probably lots of fun to make, too.
Alice Blom has one quilt in, perhaps, five colorways. (Now there’s a common theme!) But I’ve posted only two. Visit her board to see how interesting the same pattern looks in different colors.
Jody Pilon’s “to Quilt” board may not be huge, but I’m loving the quilts that are there! Her common theme? Modern quilts!

My “heart, quilts” board has over 13,000 quilts pinned. Isn’t it amazing? If you want to enjoy a virtual quilt show, here’s a place to begin! Plus, I’ve organized most of them into, yes, common themes. Until the next PIW have a great week.

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