Life ~~ back to normal is a relief.

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Sometimes we forget how wonderful a “normal” life is. Until it becomes anything but normal. Then we wish and pray and hope for a little dullness. Maybe (dare I say it?) a little boredom. I’m not living a life of boredom or dullness, but back to normal certainly feels amazing. Can I rest here a while?

There are no termites haunting us. The new sewing room is finished. (You can find photos here.) I’ve moved in and think I can find something if I need to. I have even sewn a handful of stitches on the Bernina. Quilting Sugaridoo, which I began in November 2019, is getting close to the end. We’ve touched base with every family member, from Richard’s mom to the youngest of all the grandies. It appears they survived without our attention, babysitting, and so on. That’s wonderful, but kind of bittersweet. We do enjoy the idea of being needed, after all.

Isn’t this a sweet photo of Richard and Emile? We babysat for a little while not long ago, and the baby is a joy. He’s quiet like his dad was at this age. Poppa and Emile played with Woody and Bullseye (Toy Story characters) for almost the entire time. I wasn’t surprised at all, but I am the one who offered the babysitting, so I should have helped a little. That’s how it is with all three of the grandboys. They love their Poppa!

And because life is so normal that I don’t have anything else to write, I’ll leave you with hopeful wishes that you enjoyed Worldwide Quilting Day (yesterday) as much as I did. I quilted. Really, that’s all I did. Quilted. Life is good, whether it’s normal or otherwise.

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