Deadline? Is that a real thing?

Several months ago–hmm, maybe a year now–the Baton Rouge MQG issued a challenge. Make a quilt (yes, the whole thing) using ombre fabrics. Now, I had just moved into the new studio (so, yes, a year now) which gave me ample opportunity to see just how much fabric I’ve collected hoarded. (I may as well be honest here). Plus, I’d ordered two boxes of solids that I really, truly needed. Because, you understand, I’d also had time to discover that I’m sorely lacking in solids. Yes, sorely lacking.

Moving on, let’s get back to the challenge. I did not have an inch of ombre. Apparently I not necessarily like ombre fabric. I can’t conceive how those words are honest-to-goodness truth, but I suppose I have to dislike something if I’m going to collect what I like. Right?

Nevertheless, Glen came through for me. Of course she did! She had ordered from the same place I did and had tons of ombre. I bought a packet of really pretty ombre. We were at retreat, where anything can happen. Then I proceeded to fret over the challenge.

I had a few ideas, but those didn’t pan out. I did have one idea that eventually I would like to explore, but time ran out on me. Then I discovered this gorgeous Dream Big panel. Of course, I ordered it. It arrived a few days later and I immediately felt guilty about using a panel, so in a zoom meeting, I sought the opinions of everyone and they encouraged me to have a field day with it.

As you can see, that’s precisely what I did. And that means I will have an ombre quilt in the show. If we get to one.

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