New Friends Learning and Teaching and Quilting

My haul of purples from the vendor area. Shopping and teaching–that’s the life!

It was quite a long week–teaching two days at SMS then racing off to the GSQA Seminar in Baton Rouge, which I wrote about here. Never the less, I had a great time meeting the other teachers, chatting about quilting, and learning about the small world a quilt teacher lives. I definitely had more listening than talking to bring to the conversation. My experience with high school and middle schoolers doesn’t so easily translate into teaching quilting. However, it does give one perspective. Okay, it also provides a bit of incentive to retire (again).

Two of Vernon’s blocks from his morning of sewing.

The hotel has a happy hour for free drinks, which certainly helped break the ice. I enjoyed the wine, although maybe I shouldn’t have had the full glass before dinner. (Silly giggles.) It also has lots of common areas with plenty of seating and tables, which adds to the ambiance of hospitality and friendship. It’s easy to make plans to meet downstairs for drinks, dinner or the evening lecture. Or all three.

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I especially enjoyed the lectures. It was nice to sit down and really hear what the teachers had to say. I was pleasantly enthralled with Lisa Thorpe’s surface design. She is an artist in the truest sense of the term. Really, you should check out her pieces. She seems to know every species of bird that exists.

A happy mess!

My day of teaching was Friday and though I’ll write a post on that, I took too many pics to jam into one post, so I’ve dropped a few here to give you a hint of what’s to come.

And a happy quilter!
Okay, make that two happy quilters!
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