Pin It Weekly #350 Lots of Recent Pins I Love

Sometimes when my depression is bothersome, I retreat into my phone. Not a good idea if I open a game, which is why to do that I have to download one. Pinning is not quite the same as playing a game: in the end, there’s a board of ideas. So I’ve added ideas to a couple of boards.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pinterest execs are on my “you better straighten up or else” list. I’ve read a couple of articles in reputable magazines that male executives treat female counterparts with disdain, including terribly unequal pay, dismissing ideas and opinions, and making it difficult to move up the ladder.

Why haven’t I taken a stronger stand, you ask? Firstly, I’ve heard only one side of the story and from only three women. Secondly, judging the company for the actions of a few seems unfair to the men and women whose jobs are not in the executive suites. Thirdly, the lawsuit is far from litigated. I prefer to wait until after a judgement has been made before shouting my opinion.

Adding a one-sided voice to the cacophony of division does little except incite more division. The world is divided enough and I refuse to be part of that problem. Certainly everyone has a right to their opinions, but conviction is not the same as judgement. Besides, it is possible to hold an opinion close to one’s chest until court decisions are made.

Ask my opinion on any issue and I will share my thoughts. Shout your views at me and I will walk away. (Just ask my husband.) I prefer to hear, and understand, both sides of the issue before issuing my viewpoint. I also expect others to do the same. If your mind is closed and you take an attitude before hearing both sides, you are simply forcing your one-sidedness on others.

That doesn’t sit well with me. Discuss both sides in your opinion. Show that you have informed yourself (not just listened to or read whatever supports your preconcieved ideas) and let’s have a discussion. Until then, sorry.

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