Sweet Friends with Sweet Ideas and Sweet Fabrics

A while back my friends with the Cotton Quilter’s Guild went on a road trip to Mangham, La. They apparently spent quite some time at the local quilt shop, called Stitched in Faith. We’ve been before and I would have raced to get on that van but, alas, I was teaching middle schoolers. They’re less fun than my quilty friends, but still entertaining.

Anyway, one friend in particular shopped until she just couldn’t think of anything else she could possibly need. Then she thought of me. And shopped for me. And bought a fat-quarter bundle for me!

How sweet is this 1930’s feedsack reproduction? I mean really! My brain has been stumped about what to do with these pretties. Until today. My idea is to use these with some coordinating solids to make the quilt blocks that the guild has been working on. I am so far behind that I can’t even tell you. I can’t tell you because I can’t find the packet (yes, packet) of papers telling me what to make! Grrrugh. But (assuming I can find the pattern copies) I have a brilliant idea and time to work on the blocks.

Now to search (for the nth time for those copies) or shamefacedly beg for another set. I’d really rather find the papers.

Best friends Ingrid and Toby (with his new sunglasses)

Special shoutout to my sweet friends Ingrid and Toby for thinking of me!

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