A Brain Freeze and a Migraine

What do you do when the internet simply won’t cooperate?

Sometimes it’s nothing at all, because you can’t really fix the internet was down. I can’t anyway. Oddly, we could make phone calls, but getting on the computer or using the phone as a hotspot was just out of this world difficult. I can’t tell you how many attempts it took to post pictures from the last guild meeting.

But, you know, after a while the world sets itself right again.

And thus we have internet again. But apparently I messed with the WordPress app that runs my website. What I did, I cannot say because I do not know. We (WP and I) were trotting along and I stumbled. It had to be me, right? WP is probably some big corporation that fixes, not breaks, websites. No one else bothers with my little website. Heck, I doubt that anyone with my DNA even looks at it.

It’s a good thing that I write this blog for me, huh?

I spent an hour on the phone with the webhosting company, and they fixed something. And here we are. Back up and getting along. For the most part.

Wish I could send this fella to Constant Contact. But no, he’s out back eating fish in the pond and sunning himself like he owns the place.

However! I discovered (quite by accident) that I’ve been paying for the same email marketing service twice. Every month Constant Contact would jack $48 from me and also collect $20 from my webhosting service, who was taking the money from my PayPal account. So 68 big fat dollars monthly for a service that is a far cry from what I thought I was getting. Constant Contact will send out marketing emails. That’s it. $68. I was livid.

Then I called the company.

Guess what? Nope, they will not refund my stinking money! Can I say livid is not a strong enough word? I don’t even use the language that describes how ticked I am. So I’m in the ditch for about $300 dollars. That’s where the brain freeze comes in. Every time I think about it, I have a small stroke or seizure or jolt of lightning. Something jolts me back to reality!

None of those jolts have helped, but they have given me a migraine. So I’m going to spend the rest of this dreary, dreadful, depressing day sewing or maybe snuggled in my bed with a book.

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