Sunday Quilt Inspiration: More Summery Quilts

Last week’s SQI was about summer quilts. We are having such beautiful almost-summer (but not yet hot) weather, that I thought why not do it again?

Kaja of Sew Slowly blog mentioned that they don’t have quilts just for summer. Allow me to explain. Firstly, in Louisiana the heat is muggy and heavy. I don’t know if that’s a good way to explain it, but nevertheless…

Secondly, that comes down to sweat. Serious sweat. We don’t perspire or glisten or glow. We sweat. It’s hot in June, July, August, September and maybe October. There are hurricanes coming and going. Meaning everything in Louisiana just makes summer hotter. So why a summer quilt?

Simple, because when you’re hot and sweaty, and you walk into a cold, air conditioned room, you get a chill. Well, some people do. (Richard is not one.) Anything that cools you off–a swim, a shower, ice tea–is going to be wet. So there you are, again, going from sweaty hot, to wet, to A/C chilled.

Almost every woman I know gets a chill from the air conditioner and the ceiling fan. It’s the moving air. We like to wrap up just enough that the air moving around us is not actually touching us. I imagine it kind of doesn’t make sense, but if you were here, you’d get it. So when it’s 100+ degrees outside, I’ll be huddled under a light quilt or layers of sheets.

And maybe I’ll sweat, but as soon as that air starts moving, I’ll be pulling the covers up. And annoying my husband.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Quilt Inspiration: More Summery Quilts”

  1. Love those funny memes! I guess you can find a meme about anything these days.
    The quilts are so pretty and happy.

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