Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Polka Dots for the Win

Diddly spots (random polka dots)
polka knots (polka dance steps)
shiny watts (lights)
Mommy nots (No, again)
puppy dots (dalmations)
and summer hots. (sweating)

Did you play rhyming games as a child?  We sang lots of nursery rhymes, but I don’t remember word games so much, then I had my own children. And I made up for lost time!

Poor darlings, they were subjected to all manner of play.  In the game above–we called it Diddly Dots–each player comes up with rhyming words along a theme and the rest of the players try to guess what the rhymes mean or what the theme is. The theme in the rhyme above is “Seeing spots.” For the most part, we tended to make up the games, and the rules, as we went along. We played most games that way, be they word play, outside play or board games.

Dot to Dot Polka Dot Towels - Garnet Hill

Perfect for car trips, Diddly Dots can take a long time, because guessing the meaning is not easy. Did you figure out the theme? How about figuring out what each rhyme means?  Sometimes, we just made them rhyme and played with the sounds.  Of course, my boys grew out of games quickly. However, I extended those years a little by playing the games differently, such as coming up with the rhymes and letting the boys figure out the meaning. Eventually, the word games just went away, then the grandchildren started coming! Yay! for grandies!

Well, enough of memory lane.  Here are the polka dot quilts I promised in the title.

It’s certainly time for SQI, especially since the last one was two Sundays ago. As it is, I got tired of trying to convince the internet to cooperate. Finally, I got this post to load today and have recycled an SQI from 2014. It’s a favorite, so I don’t feel too bad. Besides, aren’t those quilts cute enough to see again?

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