The New Studio — I’m all moved in!

I told you that the new studio is finished. Today I am, finally, all moved in. In fact, I loaded Sugaridoo on the longarm and have made a few stitches.

The longarm set up in part of the new studio, with Sugaridoo loaded and ready

My theory about quilting was “it’s like riding a bike” a Southern phrase meaning you can go without doing something for a long while and just pick it up again with few struggles. Well, that’s not entirely true. If you don’t peddle regularly, muscles become weak or at least change in some way. You may be able to move the bike, but chances are you’ll find yourself a little wobbly or without stamina. You may even fall. Sorry. That’s just how life and muscles work. They both require regular use of all of you.

The Bernina on my worktable in another room

Can you guess where I’m going with this? All the way back to the longarm. Wow, was I wobbly and without stamina! I improved fairly quickly, but the first couple of Sugaridoo rows are more like Sugaridon’t! I’m going to leave them. There’s a story in those wobbly (jerky) stitches, after all. Have you left sewing or quilting for a while and found that coming back was harder than you expected?

I can make a mess even on a small worktable. Here, I’m still putting things away. Organizing takes time!

Otherwise, I’m back to my usual self in the studio. I can’t wait to get in there, and now I can walk around petting fabric, looking at the wonders that my guys have built for me and thanking God for blessing me with both the guys and the studio.

I love little glass jars full of trinkets, buttons, and things gathered from family. The narrow shelves work beautifully.

Lastly, here’s another little blessing. My sister, Jeanne, was in the Air Force for several years and stationed in Turkey. Knowing my appreciation for textiles, she bought this small rug for me at one of the market places. Isn’t it fabulous? It was hanging on the wall since she gave it to us, but I decided to put it on the floor in front of the ironing station. It’s a perfect fit and adds beautiful color and design to the workroom. I love it, and now I see it daily and think of her every time. Thanks Jeanne!

Something soft and beautiful under my feet when there’s lots of pressing to do. Notice that it’s asymeterical from top to bottom–rather unusual.

As always, thanks for visiting my new studio. Please leave a comment. It’s lonely not hearing from friends.

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