Are you creating scrambles? Check-in time!

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Have you started your improv scrambles for the block of the month? If so, remember to post your pictures on the Facebook group here and Instagram tagged #improvbom2024. You don’t have to wait, either. Could you post a pic of your fabric choices or one of your first attempts? We want to see!
I decided a few weeks ago that I have to make a quilt with you. I couldn’t resist! So here are my fabric choices.
The large piece in the middle is the focus fabric. I love this fabric! Those rich colors and the beautiful flowers make my heart sing. But, there’s a problem….the colors all lean toward neutrals or at the very least some basic natural colors. I said I wasn’t going to use just neutrals. That was a letdown–until I started looking closely at the tiny parts of the flowers and leaves. Beautiful, deep, almost jewel-tone reds, browns and greens. I also wanted some yellow. I found this golden yellow with the burgundy-red leaves. It jumped into the mix on its own. There’s not much of that yellow with the green/brown twigs, so why not? I am trying to make color-filled scrambles.
Then, there’s that beige with the golden scrolls. Yeah, that’s not getting left behind. After those fabrics added themselves in, there was no holding back. Orange, green, gold, beige (for a few resting spots), brown, green. All the fall colors and a few summery ones. Somehow it’s a mishmash, and it works. For me. It works for me. I had to turn off the radio (no kidding) because I was feeling my joy.
Showing a couple of my scrambles at the CQG meeting.
I began working on my January scrambles, and realized there’s not enough fabric to make it to the end! Some pieces are really small. Maybe 1/8 of a yard. Knowing what I’ll need next month, I cut a few strips and then dug up some more. These strips are not the perfect colors, but this is improv, so I can scatter them around the quilt and it will be fine. I then dug out more scraps, also not perfect matches, but it’s going to be okay.
It’s my quilt, after all, and I like introducing more fabric as I work on my quilts. Maybe I subconsciously choose too few fabrics so I can add some later. Who knows what Freudian hoopla is happening? I’m happy.
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