Well, that internet deal was short-lived!

In my last post, what two weeks ago?, I raved, yes that’s the word, raved about having Earthlink, our new internet system. At the time everything was working. Of course, there was a caveat. I was wired into the router. Unfortunately, I had a direct line to nowhere. I suppose you could argue that it was working. But here’s the thing: internet is expensive. Not, you know, cut back on fast food to pay the bill. No, it’s more like don’t go to a restaurant. Ever.

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My husband is a good man. He has high standards. He expects our world to live up to the same standards. If Earthlink wants to be a part our world, they will simply have to employ the standards for which we pay. So if we’re paying WAY more for wireless internet access, that is what they darn-well better give us. It was not. Turns out, they can’t.

Richard called Earthlink again. And again. And another two or three times. The company even returned one call! Earthlink tried hard to convince Rich to just use the wire. No way. Not happening. He was paying for wireless.

“Okay, then charge less because I have wired internet.”

“The price is the price,” they said.

“Wireless means no wires,” he said.

“We know, but the price is for wireless. We don’t have a wired price. Hey, maybe the router is faulty. We’ll send a new router,” they countered.

“Okay, but it has to work wirelessly,” he insisted.

A week later, still no router. Again Rich called. Only to discover that there’s no record of their sending a second router. Oh, Richard was angry. He canceled everything and “Send my money back.”

But Earthlink had the last word: they still charged us $124 for the set up fee, plus every second that the router was on so I could attempt to get it to work. Or to write one blog post.

So how am I writing a post if the router is enroute to Earthlink? I am away from home. In a sweet setup about an hour and a half away from my comfy living room. Sitting in the truck. A temporary situation, I pray.

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  1. so sorry. I live in the country, east of the end of the earth.
    my ISP more or less keeps tellling me to appreciate what I have! ugh

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