Slow Stitching: Practice for a Future Boro Jacket

While we were on retreat in Baton Rouge, Glen began talking about wanting to make a boro jacket. She’d brought Susan Briscoe’s new book and “encouraged” everyone to look through it. Really, it’s fascinating and immediately my brain started whirring. Why not make my own? I could easily create my own pattern, after all. However, I’ve decided that the only way to do this is to get my own copy. It’s in my cart already!

I started with the red lines then moved on to the blue circle. Just playing with stitches. At some point I decided that I liked the circle shapes. That brought me to the yellow and I tried to create a circular shape in the upper part. I’m not sure it works, but I’m not disappointed.

In no time at all we were all buzzing about wanting to try some new technique from the book. Or maybe some stitching. Or maybe some of the mending techniques. You get it. We were bouncing off each other’s ideas and maybe a wall or two.

Still playing with a variety of stitches, I decided to add some scattered stitches. They remind me of spilled rice.

Before we left we’d made a plan: retreat again at the end of February (they invited themselves to my CQG retreat 🙂 and we’d all make boro jackets as one of our projects. If we’re going to look silly we’ll be in good company!

The bullion stitch in the navy (upper left) is new to me but all the others are some I’ve used before.
Obviously I need to practice, but it’s not a bad first start.

But you know I couldn’t just go home and forget about it, right? So I didn’t even fight it. I found some muslin and my trusty pink bag of embroidery thread and played for an evening or so. I love having a little handwork to do when I’m sitting in front of the tv. It’s so nice to focus on something during a shootout or fisticuffs. And these tidbits are what I managed this past week. I amazes me how quickly one little square will fill up with thread.

Have a wonderful New Year and may 2021 be better than 2020.

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