Scenes from our Christmas crazy… the most wonderful time!

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Rory and Emile open a gift while Poppa watches.

Our Christmas day may look a little different than others, but it works for us. Our boys are under no pressure to be home early during the day. This means their families can enjoy their Santa gifts, spend some time playing with the kids, or go to visit other family, such as their in-laws. I understand how girls like to be with their mothers on special days. I was a daughter, after all, so we have our own traditions just as we have our own tree. Different maybe, but ours.

Alayna and Cameron with Jenny chaperoning.

So, to make things easier for everyone, we started having Christmas supper. Richard and I spend the day cooking together for our now large family of 20+ depending on how many extras we have. Alayna’s boyfriend, Cameron, came this year. We expected Dusti’s fiancé to bring his little brother and Jolie to bring her boyfriend du jour. Neither came, but we were prepared.

Our gallery wall of memories. See how we make it here.

It’s also a great time for Richard and me to remember our parents who are gone, and to remember the children as young boys. We go to mass in the morning, then come to memories and each other. That sound romantic, doesn’t it? It also sounds a little sad, but everything in life has a little sadness, and I’ve finally learned to “feel my feelings then move on.” I needed sixty years, but I’m there now. I think.

The girls, Sophie, Jolie and Milly, Marley and Catherine piled up on my favorite chair to tease me. That’s Ryder photobombing them in the front.

Our supper menu rarely changes. The kids have their favorites and anytime I mention a change, they play the tradition card. That card wins out every time, so Baked Turkey, Ham, Rice/Cornbread Dressing, Garden Salad, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Crunch, Hawaiian Rolls it is. If I want something different, I generally add it to the menu. However, there’s always so much food. Of course, I encourage everyone to take food home and generally have to-go plates with lids at the ready.

Part of Will’s family, Lane, Stacey, Will, Milly, and Dusti.

Willcoooked a fabulous seafood gumbo for Christmas Eve and invited us to supper. He brought us a bowl when they came for Christmas, which broke up the monotony of turkey this week.

Richard’s mom, Carolyn or Maman

So Christmas was beautiful. Hopefully the kids will remember our traditions and love and family long after we are gone and they have their own traditions. What are some Christmas traditions in your family?

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