Pin It Weekly #339 : new followers always welcome

It’s time to meet a few new followers. Our last PIW was in December, after all. Oh wow! First up is Jacqueline Giambalvo‘s “Sewing” board. This board has mostly quilts, but there are some other sewing-related items.

Now say hello to Marilyn Wilkinson. If you are on Keto, you should just scroll right on by, because this board will tempt you, maybe too much. I’m not sure which bread looks the most yummy, but I’d sure like to taste them all and get back to you. 🙂

And finally, say hi to Briony Blake. She is really into yoga. Check out the pins from one of her yoga boards. This first pin is just too fun. If you want to remember the names of each pose, it will certainly help in the way of mnemonics.

Have a great week, everyone. I’ll see you again for Pin It Weekly or you can visit my Pinterest boards here.

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