Introducing CQG Small Quilts for Sale

This link will bring you to a video on my Facebook page. It shows the CQG small quilts for sale. We canceled this year’s show. However, members donated quilts to sell during the show. I offered to put them in my Griffin’s booth. Next came the whole Robert’s Rules: make a motion, vote and pass that motion. Of course it flew right through Robert! This link tells about the meeting.

The first ten on the right are CQG small quilts.

I collected about ten quilts, priced them, then hauled them to Griffins. I planned to create a live video to tell folks about them. It’s a mess but was well received and some people shared it on their pages. I posted it on my page and also on the Cotton Quilters Guild Facebook page.

We hope that some of the quilts will sell as Christmas gifts in the next couple of months. The guild decided that we’d ask $50 per donated quilt, unless the maker specified otherwise. Honestly, the quilters invested almost that much money before sewing and donating each one. This means we’re asking a pretty low price for a generously sized quilt made of quality quilting cottons.

I hate getting in front of the camera. Can you tell?

If one of the CQG small quilts interests you, let me know in the comments or email ( I’ll check to make sure it is still there and let you know. If it’s available and you want to purchase it, I’ll take it out of Griffins and I’ll post it here so for the sale. Then I’ll ship it to you. Easy peasy.

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