CQG Christmas and Surprising News

The Cotton Quilters Guild had a wonderful Christmas party at the beginning of the month. We celebrated with turkey and all the trimmings, including delicious sweet potatoes, green beans, and rolls. The cornbread dressing was the best! Better than Richard’s mom used to be (back when she cooked) …and hers was fabulous.

Of course, everyone had time to visit and chat. We ended the party with a wild game of “Dirty Santa.” It’s always fun when Mrs. Virgina gets serious. She wanted that organizer in the photo above. Mrs. Ramona was having none of it. However, it was all in fun, so Mrs. Virgina got the organizer…for a short minute. In the end, everyone ended up with a great gift. One lady even got a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.

Since we started early, to have time for lunch, we closed out 2023 meetings early. But wait! There’s more!

We also voted for new officers. Guess who is the new president? You’ve got it, moi! We were desperate, I suppose, because there were options. I’m thinking maybe it’s because they like me but love my competition. Regardless, we are going to have fun.

And, do you remember my free improv class? Oh, yes, they are going to be my guinea pigs, because it’s also going to serve as the block of the month for CQG. I mean, I have to do the work. This way, I’ll get double duty from the work. Smart, no? Well, we’ll see. I’ll post pictures of CQG blocks. They also know how to access my blog, both to review the directions and to post photos.

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