“Pin It Weekly #340 : Latest pins for inspiration

I’ve been pinning a bit lately. In the course of a recent Pinterest episode, I found these adorable little bags that I think the girls would love. The are in my “basket bags buckets” board.

And of course, I’ve been pinning inspirational ideas for the boro jacket (more about that here). It’s coming along quite nicely, so I’ve already started looking at closures. This link is to the “boro kimono indigo flax hemp denim. I think I’ll go with a few large buttons. They really seem to draw me in. But since I’m six weeks away, I could still change my mind. Am I right?

I’ve also been looking at how people layer their fabrics, adding more and more pieces on top of the original. I haven’t been doing much of that, but my Pinterest board inspired me to add a couple of circles. The jacket is beginning to take on a life of it’s own, which it’s supposed to do. Right?

Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you next week for PIW #341.

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