Let’s “boro” together: more jacket slow-stitching

I’ve been sick with a sinus infection that has knocked me to my knees. I’ve done three things? sleep, sit, stitch. Not a bad combination, but really, it’s probably getting time to move. I do have good news though. My boro jacket stitching is coming along. Hours of stitching can really add up. I think this is where I was on my last report: straight lines with a few kooky stitches. Then I decided to change thread color, which you can’t even tell is different in this photo. The wavy “watery” lines are the palest of blue-greens. It was just a whim, very improvish of me. This piece is complete. I had just sewn up two additional pieces before I got sick. Thank goodness!
This one is completely different from the first, I guess I was thinking clouds. I got this far and decided I wanted to do something different, again. So I picked up what is now the third piece. Circles, flowers, wonkies. That’s what Milly named the shapes. Wonkies does seem to fit, so we’re running with it. But they definitely need some more work.
And after a few hours, I got to here. Can you see that I’ve decided to start introducing a few neutrals? One reason was to cover the stem of that flower on the left. I don’t even know why.
And here we are on piece 3. More of the same. In other words, lots of wonkies. I can’t figure out why I can’t get things to be symmetrical, but I figure if I add enough wonkies, they will look like they are supposed to be that way.
I still have these two pieces to finish and at least another two or three to do. Then let’s remember that it’s supposed to be reversible, so the neutral side is waiting. Hmm, maybe my wonkies will find symmetry by the time I get to the end. I’m not so sure it matters. Most of the boro jackets I’ve seen online are far from symmetrical, which is one reason they are so charming and popular. These are a couple of really interesting patterns that I think I may have to try. Don’t the textures look yummy?!

Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful week!

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