Pin It Weekly #342 Translating Words from Distant Places

Yes, of course, I had to use Google translate as I can’t read any of the languages in today’s post. Now all of this assumes Google knows what it’s doing. Either way, it has to be more accurate than my translation, which would be to name the pins. It’s been two weeks since the last post, so this is my attempt to win you back to PIW!

Hello to Fatemehzahedi who has a board titled گل با مقوا, which translates into flowers with cardboard, so let’s assume that by flowers she means these sweet little matchbox items. Imagine turning anything so small into these amazing works of art!

Ева Коляда has many boards, each with lots of pins, but I was especially drawn to this one: компаза, which is Russian for compass. Not all of the pins are two-color works. These are just the ones that spoke to me.

Sepideh_bly is our final pinner. Look at the sweetness in her board تزینی, Persian for decorative. You really have to see the items created in yarn on this board.

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